Iron Fist, Lead Foot

IRON FIST, LEAD FOOT: The Reviews Are In!

“This is a book that all Mustang enthusiasts must read.”

- Mustang Times

“Frank Moriarty has made a career out of bringing intriguing nonfiction stories to light, and his latest effort focuses on the turmoil surrounding the development of Ford’s ‘03 Mustang Cobra… For the most part these stories rarely make it past the walls of The Big Three’s hallowed halls. The book details the tension generated when the proposed ‘02 Cobra was deemed unworthy and trashed, leaving Ford without its pinnacle Mustang for an entire model year - and the commitment displayed in striving to create the fiercest Mustang ever to roll off an assembly line.”

- Hemmings Muscle Machines

“Author Frank Moriarty reveals tons of never-before-revealed insight into the unique product development process at Ford’s famed SVE/SVT skunkworks operation…”

- Mustang Enthusiast

“Frank Moriarty provides a thorough background on one of our favorite Mustangs, while giving outsiders an insight into the Herculean effort required to bring forth a high-performance niche Mustang from a giant corporation. This book should be required reading…”

- 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords

“If you’re into late-model Mustangs then you probably know what the Terminator Mustang is. If not, don’t worry, because the story that Frank Moriarty tells you in his new book will enlighten you… Iron Fist, Lead Foot is a must have.”

- Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords